The individually configurable, mobile workstation with its own power supply.

lightweight, robust and stable construction - Individual configuration for production, logistics and industry

The Gittel Mobile Station is specially developed for the industrial sector and offers mobile IT workstations with their own 230V power supply and running times of up to 72 hours.
The mobile workstations of the GMS series can be individually configured to customer requirements and are available for various requirements and devices.

versatile efficient time-saving
Your benefits by working with Gittel Mobile Stations.
All IT components are available directly at the site
Individually configurable for your needs
Variety of equipment options
Powerful industrial PCs and peripherals
Seamless integration into your existing IT structure
Ideal for use in logistical and industrial environments
Self-sufficient, flexible operation throughout the entire operation
Saving time thanks to shortened travel times
Acceleration of the loading and unloading process
Long battery life
Easy-to-move, secure cart
Robust, well thought-out design for harsh environments
Efficient processes through high availability
Easy maintenance
Due to the optimal adaptation to the respective process requirements, the GMS is the perfect component for the process optimization of your company.
GMS product overview
Industrie und Rugged Computer
Industrial and rugged computer
Special solutions
Printer and accessories