Gittel GMS Box
The new compact solution for flexible work without restricting mobility.
Metal case in anthracite / yellow with side carrying handles
2x Schuko socket outlet, 1x cold box input
FI circuit breaker
Battery monitor with alarm and remaining time
Dimensions: H450 x B500 x T290 mm
Weight: 48kg lead gel – 32/38kg lithium

Technical specifications
Optional 110Ah lead gel or 100/160Ah lithium battery
500VA continuous load, 900VA peak load
Integrated 230V power supply
Laser printer operation: restricted
Model GMS Box
Possible continuous load 500VA
Peak load 900VA
Voltage 230V
Battery technology Lead gel / Lithium / Lithium
Number of batteries 1
Battery capacity gross 110Ah / 100Ah / 160Ah
Ideal discharge 60% / 80% / 80%
Battery capacity net 66Ah / 80Ah / 120Ah
Weight plus options 48kg / 32kg / 38kg
Continuous load / running time  75W – 8h / 14h / 22h
Laser printer operation Not possible

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