Gittel GMS 500 - self-sufficient, robust, ergonomic

Example configuration

IT trolley yellow, loadable up to 225kg, with parking brake
Integrated 6-way power strip with RCCB
Integrated 4m cable drum
Battery monitor with alarm and remaining time
Dimensions: H1060 x B620 x T595 mm
Weight: Depending on the power supply, see configurator

Technical specifications:
Selection of battery types and capacities in the configurator
Integrated 230V power supply
500VA continuous load, 900VA peak load
Laser printer operation: restricted
Model GMS 500
Possible continuous load 500VA
Peak load 900VA
Voltage 230V
Battery technology Lead gel
Number of batteries 1 (opt. 2)
Battery capacity gross 110Ah / 130Ah / 220Ah
Ideal discharge 60% / 80% / 80%
Battery capacity net 66Ah / 80Ah / 120Ah
Weight plus options 85kg / 90kg / 117kg
Continuous load / running time  75W – 8h / 10h / 16h
Laser printer operation Not possible
Internal dimensions B470 x T560 x H520 mm

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